A Walk Shared

I was just thinking, as I finally rounded the bend into the village, that while going for a walk is a nice thing to do, trying to walk anywhere further than half a mile is just tedious, even on a pleasant autumn day with the sun filtering through the trees. It just all takes so long, compared with a bike. But I did make it, which means the bus and ultimately Bigtown are once more within my grasp, as long as I’ve got plenty of time to spare.

afternoon sunshine

But as I headed back I chanced upon a fellow choir member, in his eighties, heading out for a walk himself and we fell in together. He used to walk miles and miles but has fallen out of the habit in recent years. Together we kept our pace nice and steady, and he pointed out places of historical interest – the place where the coffins used to be kept before being carried over the hill to be buried, the place where a knitwear firm had first started – and I showed him the photos I’d taken on my phone, while we both kept an eye out for speeding cars which occasionally mistake the 60 mph default speed limit on a rural road – even one that’s barely a car width wide – as a target rather than a limit.

sunshine on mossy wall

Despite our gentle pace, the conversation meant we were at the postbox before I knew it and we parted ways with half a promise to meet up again and make a regular thing of it. ‘We’ll be a pair of crocks walking together,’ I said. ‘Speak for yourself,’ he shot back. They make them tough around here…


2 Responses to A Walk Shared

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is true that walking with someone is nicer, and the time seems to go quicker.

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