Taken by Surprise

frost on the grass

I don’t know why waking up to see frost on the grass should be so surprising to me as a) it is October and b) it was widely forecast but I was hoping that there would be some sort of acclimatisation interval between being forced to wear shorts and sitting around in all my jumpers wishing I’d had the foresight to book Rayburn Man before he got so busy.

frozen bumblebee

But we weren’t the only ones who winter caught by surprise, it seems. This bumblebee was either comatose or frozen to death in mid-forage (I suppose a better person would have seen if it was revivable instead of just taking photos of it on her phone, but it didn’t occur to me till afterwards. Anyway it’s gone now).

Fortunately the frost wasn’t so hard that it has killed off the tender plants up in the walled garden yet. So my squashes and beans and corn can stagger on for a little while longer…


2 Responses to Taken by Surprise

  1. Sue Greig says:

    Brrr! How are you doing? Maybe I can come over and say hello sometime.
    S x

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