Normal Weather Service Resumed

wet October weather

I might as well admit right now that today was not the sort of day when I resented the fact that I couldn’t cycle. Today, in fact, was the sort of day when we got the woodburner lit early (Rayburn Man isn’t coming till Tuesday) and found useful things to do on our laptops. I’d blame convalescence but it was more just the urge to hide away from the rain…

That said, I have not been entirely housebound. For the last two days I have implemented my new plan for getting the paper – walking the 1.5 miles down to Nearest Village, where I pick it up from one of the villagers who take it in turns to fetch each others’ papers. I can finally walk at normal speed again, which means the whole thing takes about as long as it used to take me to cycle to Papershop Village but with the added bonus that, if it starts raining half way through, you get a lot less wet.

There may be other benefits too. I was a bit surprised to discover this morning that I’ve actually lost weight in the last ten days – despite the other half’s best efforts and a delivery of cake supplies (and cycling gossip and plotting) from Back on My Bike. Walking’s inefficiency has its advantages

Tomorrow I venture up to Embra for a day of cycle networking to which I invited myself after the initial suggested guest list contained no women’s names at all.* Fortunately Back on My Bike and I have some ideas about that – and meanwhile our Women’s Cycle Forum idea has grown legs (wheels?) and will be popping up in London too – with me on it. I’ll be the one trying to look like an award-winning cycle campaigner while trying not to be too intimidated by everyone else on the panel.

* Apparently because it was just an indicative list off the top of someone’s head. So that’s all right then.


3 Responses to Normal Weather Service Resumed

  1. velovoiceblogspot says:

    Good to hear your recuperation is going well.
    I’ve signed up for the WCF event – hope to meet you there.

  2. disgruntled says:

    That’s great – see you there

  3. Örjan says:

    Regional forecast for London & South East England
    Mostly dry, sunny spells today. Rain reaching west by dawn.

    A cold, clear start to the morning will be followed by a dry day with sunny spells, and a light to moderate southerly breeze developing by the afternoon. Maximum Temperature 16C

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