Exciting Drainage News Update

This spring, as I may have mentioned, the old boy, the young guy and their big yellow digger came from the council to sort out the drainage outside our house for once and for all – thereby ushering in one of the driest summers on record, but I really am not complaining. Still, we are in South West Scotland and October is already shaping up to be Octoberish with two weather warnings for excessive rain already, which means their work is getting properly stress tested at last. Of course, first we (and by ‘we’ I mean the other half of course – I’m recuperating, don’t you know, and so couldn’t possibly stick my hand into freezing cold running water) had to clear out all the leaves that had accumulated in the drains and the channel that runs along the drive. That done, the new enlarged drain pipe started clearing all the excess water like a good ‘un, and for a day or so it looked like we might even be able to spend a winter without watching four-by-fours aquaplane past our front garden through the flooded road as if they’re Moses parting the waters of the Red Sea.

flooded drive

Which was when the Weather Gods kicked the weather up a notch, and two things happened: first the water overwhelmed the new pipe and started flowing across our drive as normal, although the other half reports that it’s still sucking water down as fast as it can. And second, the new enlarge pipe overwhelmed the rest of the drains so that further down the road the water started pouring out of the drain instead of into it, so the road is still flooded more or less as normal (more committed bike bloggers than me can insert their traffic metaphor of choice here).

flooded road

Note water welling helpfully out of the drain on the left…

This may be a good thing, as our river is full. As undoubtedly is the ford, but the other half’s wellies have developed a leak and he’s not up for any walks that involve wading through our localised flooding for some reason.

not quite flooding river

In other news, I have resumed my habit of vehicular walking and will continue to ‘take the lane’ on the road down to the village until drivers learn to slow down when they pass pedestrians on wet roads rather than flying past them and drenching them from head to foot. If you see me, I’ll be slap bang in the middle of the road. And I’ll stay there until you’ve slowed to walking pace AND have acknowledged my cheery wave. Just so you know.


5 Responses to Exciting Drainage News Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry about the weather up there, but I do like to see your watery pictures. Just think they laughed at Noah, when he built that boat.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Lovely and sunny (if chilly) today…

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