Frabjuous Day

Today was a red letter day in the calendar: after a two-week wait, Rayburn Man was coming which meant a pleasant morning setting the world to rights while he got on with the intricate work of degunking the Rayburn. He’s a fellow woodburning stove enthusiast, another two-wheeler (motorbikes rather than bicycles) and generally interested in most things so we always have a good chat, with today’s topics including sure-fire woodburner lighting techniques (always have the cut end of the wood upwards), the perils of Smidsy, bike geometry, the wonders (and prices) of the Fein Multimaster and database design. The kitchen is now once more warm and inviting and while I’ll have cabin fever in a month or two for sure, for now I’m just enjoying the fact that we can have warm towels and warm clothes and somewhere warm to park your bum of a cold afternoon.

seedlings in the greenhouse

Today also being two weeks since my operation – and rather more importantly, a bit of a calm sunny interlude between weather fronts – I then declared myself fit enough to resume light gardening duties and headed up to the garden. I’ve already been doing a little bit of potting on of seedlings in the greenhouse – which is no more strenuous than knitting once you’ve got yourself down to their level – but I also managed to clear out the old mangetouts bed ready for when I can resume shovelling manure. Or almost, because this chap (I think a smooth newt) emerged as I was just finishing up

newt in veg bed

So I switched to weeding the spring onions instead, which seem to have been amazingly prolific this year.

spring onions

The frost has sent a couple of shots across our bows in the last few days but so far not actually killed anything off yet. But I’ve a feeling we’re living on borrowed time. Thankfully, with the Rayburn now lit, we are prepared.


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