The Iron Laws of Freelancing

1. Thou shalt not turn down any jobs

2. The jobs shall never arrive when the client says they will

3. If multiple jobs can arrive at the same time they will

Law three particularly applies when you are planning a visit to your parents followed by a trip down to London. Which is why, instead of a blog post, you’ll have to be satisfied a nice photo instead.

poplar tree avenue

Miniature parental figures included for scale. It’s amazing how they shrink, isn’t it?


6 Responses to The Iron Laws of Freelancing

  1. Sue Greig says:

    Oh how familiar this all is/was. Either feast or famine and/or you think you have a contract and then whoops sorry but it will be next month after all or maybe not at all. Or then again – can you come and do a lucrative contract with absolutely no notice.

    Ah the joy of retirement!!!

    Good luck.
    S x

  2. john gibson says:

    That is a very nice photo.

  3. oftpaster says:

    Lovely photo! Another rule: don’t hold your breath before getting paid. WH once wrote a commissioned piece and it took more time and effort chasing the pay.

  4. disgruntled says:

    There are advantages of freelancing too, of course … like the ability to go for a nice afternoon walk along the Tweed on a sunny day in between hurricanes

  5. Andy in Germany says:

    For translators there’s a #4: “Nothing will come for weeks, then a ‘rush’ job will come just when you are about to go out/are out, and they’ll want it done in three hours…”

  6. Charles says:

    Well I am in Glenelg, overlooking Skye. Fantastic place gorgeous views of Skye in between rain showers, storms and other weather, does anyone know what happened to the Sun? I hope it has not got lost, just that I have not seen it for a week….

    Not relevant to the post at all, just felt like telling everyone.

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