I wasn’t going to cycle anywhere today, what with wanting to break myself in gently and the fact that it was raining solidly for most of the morning. But then I felt the tickle of an oncoming cold and knew I’d have to go out – and the miserabler the weather the better, for there’s nothing that sees off a cold as reliably as a damp bike ride, for reasons which medical science will surely come to understand sooner or later. Whether a drizzly half-hour pootle along the river and back (supplemented by a spot of drain clearing) will have done the trick, I don’t know. Either way, at least whatever Dreadful Thing I was supposed to avoid by not cycling for another six days has so far failed to materialise. Tomorrow, papershop village, or bust. Perhaps literally.

In other news, alerted by this splendid subject line, I see I’m not the only cyclist making a bid for freedom against medical advice…


2 Responses to Self-Medicating

  1. Sue Greig says:

    Oh for goodness sake why can’t you just hold back for another few days and be done with it. Otherwise I suppose you could just cycle to Dumfries and back and see what happens and how many medics have to put you back together again!

    Ooops sorry!

    See you on Thursday. Much Love, Sue xx

  2. disgruntled says:

    Haha Sue – you’re almost certainly right… I should say I wouldn’t be doing any of it if I didn’t feel absolutely fine, but maybe the papershop is a bike ride too far (that said, into town is probably less strenuous as there aren’t any real hills)

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