Fair Dos

pedal powered rice thresher

It was the Bigtown Fairer World Fair today – always a good opportunity to get a bit of early Christmas shopping done (and then collapse in a virtuous heap feeling you are ahead of the game till about Christmas Eve…). Also a chance to catch up with such splendid things as this pedal powered rice thresher – the brainchild of local agricultural supplies dealer – recruit some folk to my planned guerilla knitting army, and other such right-on activities.

cake spread

Oh, who am I kidding, I go for the cakes. £1 for a cup of coffee (proper coffee too – none of your village hall dishwater) and a massive 50p for a cake, which suggests that whatever they may be paying their farmers, they’re not remunerating their cake makers very well.

I did not have a go at the rice thresher, which looked like a hernia-inducer if ever I saw one, but, having got a lift in, I may have taken a cake-powered mode of transport home with all my loot …

view from the handlebars

And I remembered one aspect of cycling I didn’t miss one bit.

chain marks on trousers

For those suffering similarly, white spirit is the answer.


3 Responses to Fair Dos

  1. Charles Lock says:

    black trousers are another solution….

  2. disgruntled says:

    True! I actually found some nice trousers in the shops this year that I could cycle in but they were pale brown. No good at all

  3. Charles Lock says:

    on one of my africa jaunts again dressed in nice orvis beige. cue factory grease, dust, general detritus….

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