Much excitement at the Town Mouse household yesterday lunchtime as the other half looked up and realised that a shy and elusive creature had returned to these parts, long after she was supposed to have vanished.

tarmac fairy spotted through the trees

Yes – just glimpsed through the trees (we didn’t dare get any closer for fear of frightening her away) was the distinctive orange flashing light and glimpse of coonsil hi vis that signifies the fleeting appearance of the tarmac fairy – supposedly banished from these shores.*

We crept out later and examined her work. The latest potholes have gone, and for once the repair hadn’t actually made the road more hazardous for those on a bike (I have a feeling our house is now marked on a council map with a special symbol that indicates ‘stroppy cyclist who is not afraid to write to her local councillor lives here’).

repaired pothole

How long her work will last compared with last year’s supposedly ‘doing it properly’ repairs, we shall just have to see.

road repairs

I bet you can hardly wait.

* Actually what the other half was hoping for was the return of the Big Yellow Digger – he is very much in touch with his inner four-year-old.

4 Responses to Rarities

  1. Charles says:

    It would appear that the Tarmac fairy only comes out in dappled sunlight, explaining its extreme rarity in Scotland. Presumably the pot hole gremlin appears in driving rain and snow. Does David Attenborough have an opinion?

  2. disgruntled says:

    I always thought she appeared at night, which would explain the rather hasty nature of her repairs

  3. Charles Lock says:

    A common misaprehension…the fairy is an extremely shy day time creature.

  4. […] that it’s been barely six months since we last had a visit from the tarmac fairy, I hope this does a better job. In fact, the road […]

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