I Think it’s Fairly Safe to Say…

two contrasting gardens

… that our new neighbours’ gardening philosophy differs markedly from ours. I’ve never seen anyone garden entirely* with a hedgetrimmer before, but the result is certainly tidy, although I should imagine our side is somewhat more wildlife friendly (on the other hand, ‘wildlife’ includes slugs and snails, as the other half pointed out).

The problem for me is – even apart from the whole wildlife thing – that my garden isn’t quite ready to be put to bed for the winter yet. With all the mild weather we’ve had this autumn, and even after a couple of frosts, like an overexcited child on a midsummer evening, it’s refusing to go down quietly when there’s light yet to be had and living to be done. In among the tangled stems there are still flowers – roses still blooming, one hollyhock still sputtering out like the last leftover rocket. I’d be sorry not to squeeze every drop of colour out of the summer we’ve had and replace it with bark chips, however efficient that might be.

garden somewhat tidied

Not to mention the fact that – shamed into doing a bit of tidying before the landlord gets too restless – I discovered that pushing laden wheelbarrows uphill to the compost heap probably isn’t yet advised…

*OK, not entirely, they had a leafblower as well


8 Responses to I Think it’s Fairly Safe to Say…

  1. We have a neighbour whose gardener sounds to garden entirely with a leaf blower, 52 weeks a year. Drives me nuts….

  2. oh, and wheelbarrow work, has got to be a bad idea after abdo surgery. Take care.

  3. disgruntled says:

    Ooh yes, I hate leafblowers. And they were too busy issuing Dire Warnings about cycling to mention wheelbarrowing

  4. Andy in Germany says:

    I discovered that pushing laden wheelbarrows uphill to the compost heap probably isn’t yet advised…

    Ugh, I know that feeling. Having a cough just after a hernia fix isn’t pleasant either…

  5. Flighty says:

    Such mechanical garden tools are all too noisy, and invariably used at inconsiderate times. Take care, and no wheelbarrowing! xx

  6. john gibson says:

    The leafblower is ok, but I am one of those people who will not be happy until every leaf is in one pile, which is impossible. So I have never had one.

  7. disgruntled says:

    OK, I’ll just stick to cycling then – suits me!

  8. […] to the flowerbeds, most of the time my gardening teeters between barely keeping up with the weeds (let alone the Joneses) and absolutely not keeping up with anything (put it this way, the weekend’s gardening […]

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