Back in the Saddle

Brooks saddle
And not just literally – although it was lovely to be able to make it to Bigtown under my own steam today, especially as the weather forecast for today even as late as yesterday had been apocalyptic, so the day of autumnal sunshine we actually got was a bonus. I was back late for tea because I’d stopped to greet a passing acquaintance and he had admired my sprung saddle and then went on to wax lyrical over the bike’s fine lugwork, before moving on to the sort of bike his wife was looking for and then going on to discuss the local bird watching in the area: the sort of conversation I will happily have for hours, although in the end I managed to keep it under about 20 minutes. It’s only writing this that I realise that this is exactly the sort of thing I have missed in the weeks I’ve been off the bike – it just seems conducive to bumping into people (not literally, don’t write in). They say that people who need to know when they’ll arrive ride a bike, but I’m guessing they don’t live in the country where stopping for a chat is more or less compulsory.

But no, the real reason for the post title is this – yes, brace yourself, we’re pedalling on Parliament again on April 25th 2015. I know. But it’s important…


5 Responses to Back in the Saddle

  1. Sue greig says:

    Not being able to ride a bike these days means I have to resort to the car. But in these parts if you happen upon a friend in another car you just stop, turn off the engine and have a blether. Long way from Oxford!

  2. Chyrel says:

    I’ve been off the saddle myself. Well, mostly been on my vintage cruiser but not so much with my mountain bike. I seldom stop for a chat since most people I run into are riding a public utility vehicle. They just call my name and I just smile, we exchange glances so it’s like talking through our eyes.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Sue – too true, I’ve often encountered that myself
    @Chyrel – waving is good too

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just be careful not to over do it. That bike looks very clean.

  5. disgruntled says:

    It’s quite an old photo, I have to admit

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