Top Tip for Houseguests…

When you’re arriving by bike along any of the UK’s lunar-surfaced roads, and particularly in a town or city  which has retained a fine legacy of cobbled streets, then you may wish to warn your hosts that the bottles of beer you have carried with you in your basket by way of a hostess gift may want to settle for a little, before it is opened.

A week should do it


4 Responses to Top Tip for Houseguests…

  1. Carry a bottle of milk instead. When you arrive, you will have the nicest ice cream.

    This was how ice cream was invented by the Mongols. They carried yaks’ milk in leather bags when riding through the steppes. Wherever they arrived, the local people welcomed them as soon as they tried their delicious ice cream. Jingis Khan build a whole empire on this business model.

    Ok, admittedly, this story isn’t completely accurate, historically. There is no documented evidence that the Mongols used Bromptons. Traditional horses are almost as good as bicycles (see Nicewaycode), but it’s open to debate how this affects the quality of the ice cream. But everything else is true. Definitely.

  2. Andy in Germany says:

    I had a similar experience at a barbecue this summer, after carrying a crate of drinks in the Bakfiets. Thank goodness we were outside…

  3. WOL says:

    Brick streets in a car with bad shocks will work in a pinch.

  4. disgruntled says:

    Stephan – it may be November but it was far too mild to make icecream. Butter, maybe
    Andy – fortunately my hosts were cyclists themselves so aware of the pitfalls.
    Wol – good point.

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