Vision Accomplished

After a bit too much gadding about and far too much dual-ended candle consumption, yesterday was a day to get away from the dreaded laptop and take our binoculars out for a nice walk. And as it turns out all you need to do is publish your long-term vision for more sunshine* and lo and behold, it shall be so, at least as far as Sunday was concerned.

So we got ourselves down to the coast

Balcary Bay in sunshine

It really was rather glorious. I was taking photos blind because there was too much sunshine to see what was going on, but it seems to have worked out.


Not shown in the photos were the porpoises glimpsed coming up for air out to sea, the rock doves (oh, okay, they’re probably feral pigeons, but they live on the sea cliff miles and miles from the nearest McDonald’s so they must surely have reverted back to the original bird by now) whooshing over the cliff edge with a great rush of wings at top speed, and the interesting little brown bird that we pursued through the gorse hoping for a rock pipit or at the very least a stonechat but which turned out to be a robin.

cliff-edge donkeys

These natives were mostly friendly, although we decided not to get on the cliff side of them – they had the air about them of animals that would not stint in their search for concealed polo mints in people’s pockets, and if that meant nudging an unlucky hiker over the drop, well, no omelettes without breaking eggs and all that.

wall with lichen

And if lichen is a sign of unpolluted air, then we were getting it by the lungful.

All in all, a grand restorative day, and just what the doctor ordered. We don’t really take advantage of our glorious surroundings anything like frequently enough. Something to bear in mind.

* I’d love to say that the Scottish Government’s vision of direct, safe, well connected cycle routes on major roads had also magically appeared but clearly that level of wishing and hoping takes a little longer.


5 Responses to Vision Accomplished

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is lovely, I do like donkeys.You do take a good photo. A Jenny Wren has started turning up in the morning here, when my wife goes out to feed the birds.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Ah, wrens are great. The Jack Russells of the bird world

  3. Charles says:

    That must make robins Glaswegian, they will take on anything, especially another robin! Good thing the referendum is done with, goodness knows what level of excitement such an innocent comment might cause….

  4. Flighty says:

    Lucky you, it was miserably wet day here in London. Terrific photos, I especially like the first one. xx

  5. disgruntled says:

    Charles – indeed we had a robin with an undying hatred for the other robin that lived in the wing mirror of our car. Not great for the paintwork
    Flighty – sadly, it hasn’t lasted…

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