Christmas Come Early

festive Brompton

101 uses for a Brompton – part many. Ferrying tinsel

This is, I hasten to say, not usually a good thing. There’s a strict pre-Christmas curfew in this household – family are not even allowed to discuss where we’re spending Christmas until the end of August, because seriously, who can even think about Christmas in August? (Apart from every single member of the rest of my family, apparently). Actual preparations for Christmas definitely can’t begin until Advent and even then that seems a bit premature. Now that I’ve managed to reduce Christmas shopping for my own family (all avid readers, thankfully) to posting off a large box of books at random and getting them to choose which ones they want (if anyone wants to try this, I should add that it works best when they are all in one place and you are 4000 miles away) the bulk of the shopping can be done on the laptop with a large glass of wine in one hand, within a day or two of the last postage date before Christmas.

Santa on a bike, doing the full cycle chic, I’m glad to say. Some people should never contemplate lycra….

However, my normal Christmas routine of sticking my fingers in my ears and ignoring anything vaguely festive till at least the 14th has come unstuck this year as I seem to have inexplicably ended up planning not just a pre-Christmas popup bookshop tomorrow, which would have seemed obscenely early a few years ago, but with the arrival of Black Friday on our shores now looks positively restrained, but a day of festive fun and cycling next weekend. The latter started as a vague plan to have a ‘Santa ride’ and has ended up with us taking over half the local park, dragooning a local Santa impersonator into riding a bike while towing a sleigh, cornering the market for tinsel in Bigtown, and unleashing what we hope will be a herd of tiny two-wheeled reindeer on a ride along the banks of the river. This all seemed like a great idea in the pub a few weeks ago, and now seems like something that hovers between madness and genius, with the thumb of the fates very much weighted on the ‘madness’ side.

reindeer heads

One likely consequence of all this is that, come December the 8th, Christmas will already feel as if it is over, and I will be unable to stir myself to organise anything else. If you’re expecting a Christmas present from me, now might be a good time to get your wish list in early. Or it’s random books all round again this year…

6 Responses to Christmas Come Early

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    Black Friday has reached the UK? It’s the end of civilisation…

  2. subversivite says:

    For Christmas you give us some of those cute reindeer cut outs for the kids. When they’re finished will the noses light up?

  3. disgruntled says:

    no, but they may jingle. Any leftovers will be scooped up and transferred to yours …

  4. john gibson says:

    I did plan to have a ride out on Christmas day last year, but I was asked to work on the 24th 25th and the 26th. The money was so good, that I am doing it again this year.

  5. Thought it was hedgehogs, not tinsel…disappointed…

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