A Rolling Stone

the long way round

I had nowhere I needed to go today except the post box so I decided to take the long way round, on foot…

farm machinery

It was when I stopped to examine the abandoned farm machinery (I think it’s abandoned there deliberately to look picturesque for us city folk, as it’s near the caravan park) that I noticed that everything that gets left outdoors for any length of time pretty soon becomes engulfed in greenery in some shape or form …

mossy roller

Like this wall

moss covered wall
(I may have lived here too long, but this reminded me of a sheep)

moss covered rock

Fortunately, someone had taken drastic action before the post box was swallowed up entirely. Perhaps strimmers have their uses after all…


It was a close run thing …

overgrown postbox

It’s all go here, I tell you.


2 Responses to A Rolling Stone

  1. Autolycus says:

    An urbanite writes:

    That’s the trouble with Nature. It just will not stay put.

  2. disgruntled says:

    It’s a bit uppity round here

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