Clickety Click

Things I didn’t need this morning: an icy headwind and a mysterious new clicking noise, accompanied by the occasional ‘sproing’, to add to the usual symphony of squeaks and rattles on my bike. The icy headwind is par for the course in December of course (and turned into an icy tailwind with bonus icy rain on the return trip; thank you Weather Gods, I have not missed you at all), but the mysterious clicking noise is not. The first (and, to my mind, only) rule of bike maintenance is ‘never ignore a new noise‘ – especially in weather where the walk of shame is going to be more than unusually unpleasant – so I spent an anxious few moments attempting to diagnose the problem. As it was clearly wheel related rather than anything to do with the drive mechanism this meant wheeling the bike along trying to listen for the click, which of course disappeared until I got back on the bike again. As it was clearly not the mudguards or the rack or the dynamo, I decided it was either a busted wheel bearing or something mysterious happening to the spokes so, resigned to an expensive trip to the bike shop in the near future, I pedalled on (click, click, sproing, squeak, rattle, rattle, click) secure in the knowledge that at least I wouldn’t have to use my bell to warn any pedestrians of my approach. It took me at least another couple of miles to work out that it was the wires from my dynamo* brushing my spoke reflector…

At least that’s one fix I could manage on my own.

That said, I never did track down the source of the sproing…

*Yes, I know thank you, hub dynamos are better


2 Responses to Clickety Click

  1. Paul M says:

    I was getting a clicking noise on my Brompton rear wheel recently. When I was giving it a wash (I have to clean the chain at least weekly in winter if I don’t want it worn away by road grit within months) I noted a broken spoke catching each time it went around. It became the pretext for a service – two new Marathon +, a chain, a gear cable and 2 pairs of brake pads and of course that spoke later……

  2. disgruntled says:

    I really should take better care of my Brompton (after all, it takes good care of me)

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