A Bank with a View

It was with much excitement that I discovered a couple of weeks ago that Papershop Village has mobile banking. I know what you’re thinking: ‘get with the programme, yokel, we’ve had mobile banking for aaaages back here in civilisation where you don’t have to climb the nearest hill to get a signal’, but this isn’t some app, this is actual mobile banking where they put an actual tiny bank into a rather heavily built van and drive it around the countryside so that people can cycle to it and deposit actual money in it (try doing that with your mobile phone) always providing they can catch it first.

It was with even more excitement that, as I was reviewing my plans for the week, I realised that not only was I going to need to visit the bank, but I would need to do it quite soon and – wahey – today was the day when the mobile bank visited papershop village at just about the time when I would be going down there for the paper. Having already signally failed to make it to the mobile library, and having found catching the mobile post office harder than you’d think, I was determined to make use of at least one of our peripatetic services* so I finished the Cycling Embassy Blog Roundup in record time, went out to do the ‘is it icy enough for spikey tyres yet’ dance on the road outside, concluded that it wasn’t, and raced out into the bitter wind to catch my bank.

At this point it would have made for a better blog, albeit a slightly more inconvenient morning, if I had missed the bank, been forced to chase it down, or even slid on the ice which turned out to be lurking near Buzzard Alley (along with a rather subdued ASBO Buzzard, which simply flew off at my approach; it may have bigger fish to fry, given the forestry work going on in that neck of the woods). But no, I caught the bank in the nick of time and made full use of their services (it was lovely and warm in there so I possibly eked out our discussion on whether or not a treasury account could use actual on-a-phone mobile banking as opposed to in-a-van mobile banking), admired their splendid view, almost managed to nick their pen (they were a bit too sharp for me unfortunately), contemplated nicking their one of their umbrellas which they have in a handy stand by the door in case there’s a queue, and headed back out into the cold feeling I haven’t enjoyed a trip to the bank that much in years.

Admit it, oh urban people, you are jealous. And now I’ve got to have another go at hunting down the mobile library…

* Personally I feel that the potential for mobile services in rural areas isn’t anything like fully exploited yet. Although there’s a mobile fish van out there somewhere, and I’ve spotted a mobile convenience store but never anywhere convenient, and there is the fabled ice cream van of the remote moorlands, our plans for a mobile (as opposed to a pop-up) bookshop have not got beyond the wild talk stage and nobody has yet taken me up on my idea for a mobile café stop which could pop up at scenic locations around the region and enable local cyclists to expand their repertoire of leisure rides, which are currently sadly under-caféd …


6 Responses to A Bank with a View

  1. Mike says:

    I reckon you could easily do the café with an electric assist cargo bike…

  2. disgruntled says:

    I was kind of hoping someone else would do it, so I could just enjoy it

  3. john gibson says:

    Years ago when visiting a bank was not so bad my problem is that I went into the bank wondering when someone would say something about my overdraft. Now I’m a bit better off, I just hate going into the bloody things.

  4. disgruntled says:

    At least at the mobile one, there’s no queue

  5. Max Hadley says:

    Taking the idea just a bit further, someone should fit a base station into a van and take round from village to village on a regular basis. Then we could have mobile mobiles!

  6. disgruntled says:

    I like your thinking …

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