Doctor Bike

There are days when you hum and haw over whether to put your ice tyres on the bike or not

black ice on road

This morning was not one of them.

I had to be in town all day and while the other half had, as he always does, kindly offered me a lift, I’ve been spending too much time stuck indoors and not enough time on the bike lately. A little bit of swearing and percussive maintenance later and the bike was shod in its magical spikes and I was away in the winter sunshine.

winter sun

I’d woken this morning with a dose of the grumps, but a bike ride and a day spent happily absorbed helping out with a spot of cut paper animation restored my equilibrium. Even being sleeted on on the way home couldn’t quite dampen my mood.


5 Responses to Doctor Bike

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    The animation looks fun. Will we get to see the results?

    I’ve managed to put off spending on spikes for my bike(s) so far. On the commuter bike the trail tyres seem to hold their own okay but the Bakfiets can fishtail a bit at times.

  2. bob says:

    I honestly think it would be easier for me to put winter tires (OK, tyres!) on our car than it would be for me to try and do it with our pair of Gazelles. Just too many things to take apart.

  3. disgruntled says:

    Andy – hopefully, some time in the new year. It’s a slow process!
    Bob – I suppose Gazelles are designed with nice well-maintained and gritted Dutch cycle paths in mind

    • Andy in Germany says:

      “It’s a slow process!”

      Tell me about it. I made an animation for my ‘A’-Levels and it took months to complete 90 seconds of film.

      Of course that was using a proper super 8 camera with real film, transferred manually to VHS… Mutter, mutter…

  4. […] I didn’t get to help out this time but I got to have a nose around the studio and meet the cast and crew […]

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