101 Uses for a Brompton: Surviving Christmas

Let’s get this straight: I love my family dearly, even when there’s 11 of us crammed into one house for a week, I love the fact that our sibling rivalry has remained intact even though we’re all in our forties (this may not be 100% what people mean by ‘staying in touch with your inner child’ but, you know, rough with the smooth and all that), and I’m ecstatic about the fact that my immune system is about to be assaulted by the combined germs of four school-aged children from two different countries.

But, as there’s only so much sitting around in one room waiting for your turn to charge up your electronic gadget of choice that one person can do, I made sure that one thing got packed before anything else:

Brompton packed in boot

This way we might actually all survive.


4 Responses to 101 Uses for a Brompton: Surviving Christmas

  1. invisiblevisibleman says:

    I am very much wishing at present that I had a Brompton or some such readily stowable bike. I’m flying from New York to Cheshire for Christmas with my wife’s family and we’re then heading to Glasgow to see my mother. When we lived in London, it was one of the great joys of visiting my in-laws that I could ride on the Wirral Way and along many other beautiful routes in the south Wirral. This time, with no readily practicable means of taking a bike, I’m going to have to resort to country walks instead.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Walks are good too – and don’t forget, Glasgow has a bike hire scheme now

  3. Paul M says:

    I might ask what nefarious purpose you have in store for that electric drill – I seem to remember a notorious Australian gang had imaginative uses for them.

  4. disgruntled says:

    I’m told it was to sharpen an axe, which may not be all that reassuring

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