Escape Committee

I’m not the only one in the family for whom sanity is bicycle shaped… For my mum, getting out on her bike, even if just for a little while two or three times a week, is a lifeline.

Mum on Paperbike

We managed to slip out today for half an hour before the sun set.

mum on paperbike

We didn’t get very far and even if we’d had time, the mud in the grounds of Duns Castle was a bit trying (the Paper Bicycle offroads surprisingly well but I thought the Brompton would disappear in places. It’s only little…)

Paperbike on mud

And we were back in time for tea. Just as we promised we would. Sometimes the temptation must be just to keep on pedalling though…

pedalling off


4 Responses to Escape Committee

  1. Paul M says:

    Is that basket on back to front?

    Seriously though, I am convinced that if my mother had taken more exercise she could have averted the catastrophe that is dementia (Lewy-Body, in her case), as all the advice now is of the importance of physical exercise against dementia, diabetes and other common ageing conditions. She ticked the other boxes, just not this one. Living a level half-mile from the shops in one of the most bike friendly boroughs in the UK (the unsung hero, Gosport) she could easily have gone about her daily business on three wheels – I would make that concession, that at 80 plus it might be indavisable to rely on your balance too much. I had even lined up a nice Pashley trike for her, but too late.

    Wishing your mother many happy years on her Paperbike!

  2. velovoiceblogspot says:

    Your mum has a Paperbike? So cool!

    Paul M – I feel for you. My mum too. Today is her 80th birthday but she’s been lost to us for some time.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Paul – it can help but it’s not a complete panacea, unfortunately. But it does keep me determinedly riding my bike as much as I can (and yes the basket is on backwards, it didn’t fit on the handlebars the ‘right’ way round)
    @velovoice – yes, she made the mistake of asking my advice on what bike to buy and I got to go surrogate bike shopping

  4. Bob says:

    I like your choice of bike for your Mom. My Mom (OK, maybe “Mum” is British?) never rode to my knowledge. Well past thirty years since she’s been gone. Still missed.
    Hope your Mum has many more years of cycling in her.

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