Not as Funny as I was in 2005*

Be that as it may, what did 2014 bring? (And yes, I am recycling material because I’ve nothing much new to say, why do you ask? All the papers are doing it…)

yard flooded

In January I got the very latest in rain protection which was fortunate, and took up banging my head against a brick wall, aka the council, repeatedly – luckily I also took up yoga so things more or less balanced out

ford almost at 2 feet

In February I found a use for a tomato, took delivery of some contraband (which came up trumps, or at least beans With the rain continuing, we did wonder if it might be time to invest in a pedalo, although at least I remembered the simple pleasures of dry socks

big digger

In March, the month I turned 45, I decided to embrace my middle-agedness with a festival weekend, broke all the errandoneering rules and shared some exciting drainage news (no, really ) although despite all the practice I discovered I was still a complete novice at cycling in the rain and lost my glasses to a passing tractor

Brompton in the rain

In April we pedalled on parliament again, which is becoming something of a habit and I turned down the chance of doubling my garden size (although I did later manage to acquire a greenhouse The Brompton and I survived cycling in London (and not for the first time

cake remnants

In May I discovered an entirely new word for hills which came in handy when we decided to eat all the pies, but I still managed to get lost in the middle of a mass bike ride My gardening style received the Chelsea imprimateur which helped the hens convert our food yards into food inches

Bromptons on the beach

In June, the Brompton and I continued to gad about – at least once I’d managed to leave the house Nature turned bad with the return of ASBO Buzzard and the discovery of the ermine moth, while the council did everything it could to make the papershop run more hazardous and we discovered that the puncture fairy’s remit also runs in the Netherlands

little grey cat

In July we were briefly reunited with the cat In a summer that after all the rain turned out to be good enough for snakes (and sandals) and going the long way round we went to the beach under the only cloud in the United Kingdom and I took on the bank (the bank won)

monstrous potato

In August I discovered the delights of cycling with children The garden got out of hand, as is traditional but I only failed to win big at the village show through my own stupid fault

tree in the sunshine

In September, along with the rest of Scotland, I tried very hard to make up my mind (without much help from the politicians while the summer seemed like it would never end I got assaulted by a man with a knife and discovered that the most painful part was not being able to ride my bike

A to Z and Mr Tom bar

In October the exciting drainage news just kept on coming and I made an exhibition of myself in London I was forced to learn how the other half live and finally ended up flouting doctors’ orders a week early

Balcary Bay in sunshine

In November, despite my best efforts the rain returned and I decided someone was wrong on the internet The Tarmac Fairy also put in an appearance despite a politician’s promise

sun breaking through

And in December I started another possibly doomed garden project but did at least discover my own little slice of Mediterranean climate The Brompton and I continued to battle the coonsil – but at least, together, we survived Christmas

And how was your year?

*The other half’s verdict on my blog every year since I first started, almost (eek) a decade ago


5 Responses to Not as Funny as I was in 2005*

  1. John says:

    Well I think the year summed up by you kicks in touch that you don’t have much to say!
    Happy New year.

  2. velovoiceblogspot says:

    Ha! The Great Big Blog Round Up approach, as applied to your own blog. Love it! Happy New Year, Sally – hope to ride with you at some point this year.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @John – thanks, you’re very kind
    @velovoice – that would be great.

  4. bbooker7 says:

    Thanks for the years roundup . I always read your blogs and appreciate the creative effort I takes. I Don’t manage to give feedback hence my short scribe here. It’s your energy and possative outlook on life that shines through. Thanks again.

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