Sing a New Song

So, I was going to treat you all to my biennial trouser shopping rant today (edited highlight: seriously, Marks and Sparks just what is the point of going to the bother of putting in back pockets – actual real back pockets, with lining and everything, not those pretendy things, for which much thanks – but then only making them about an inch deep? I mean what on earth are we supposed to do with them?) but I got home to find my twitter timeline going a bit weird becaus I had just been shortlisted by Total Women’s Cycling, apparently for their ‘least flattering photo of anyone ever online’ category, for which I should be a complete shoo-in.

Joking aside, I do think (as apparently do my colleagues in POP) that ‘unsung’ is pushing it a bit. I’ve actually ended up being one of the public faces of POP which is great (unflattering photographs notwithstanding), but rather overstates my role while others do just as much but without the recognition. So I’m going to pay the favour forward and nominate a couple of really unsung cycling heroines of my own. Like Sara Dorman who does a metric ton of Pedal on Parliament stuff especially in the run up to it, while also holding down a real job and having two children, and writing a proper cycling blog with helmet camera footage and everything. And Suzanne Forup who not only co-founded the Womens Cycle Forum with me but actually did all the work AND curated a Bike Curious day on the same day AND has set up Belles on Bikes across Scotland and is such a phenomenally organised person that working with her is sort of uncanny and also has a blog and a family. And Sam Smith who has spent the last couple of years just getting on with curating the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain Facebook page with quiet brilliance for almost no recognition, so I’m giving her some now. And of course there’s Katja Leyendecker and Claire Prospert of New Cycling, and Lizzie Reather of Leeds Cycle campaign and undoubtedly many more such women I’ve overlooked – it rather goes with the whole ‘unsung heroine’ territory.

So, let me know who you’d have nominated if you could. And also go and have a look and see what stellar company I’m keeping. Although do try and avert your eyes from my photo if you can…


4 Responses to Sing a New Song

  1. We all do our buts and pieces, but your reliable behind the scenes work is a bit part of what makes it all work. You totally deserve both the ‘heroic’ and the ‘unsung’, no matter how much you deny it.

  2. Erm. That was supposed to say ‘bits and pieces’ and (more importantly) ‘BIG’ part.

  3. katsdekker says:

    Not just a small shy chamber music affair. Together we make a full orchestra.

  4. disgruntled says:

    we probably all need to get better at blowing our own trumpets. I mean, up to a point, obviously …

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