I had two meetings in Glasgow today, so I was looking forward to trying out my new hub dynamo for real* as the train timetables meant I would be heading out and coming back in the dark. By last night, with the wind howling down the chimney and the rain set in, I began to wonder if I was quite intrepid enough to cycle to the station, and tentatively arranged with the other half to get a lift instead. We woke this morning to a slightly moderated wind, and no rain, and I changed my mind and decided to go for the bike after all, only for ScotRail to announce that the weather had been a bit intrepid for its trains and suspend the entire network due to the wrong kind of trees on the line.

My morning meeting rearranged, and my afternoon meeting transformed into a teleconference call, I suddenly had a morning free – so I did what I always do when I unexpectedly get more time than I had anticipated, and frittered it away. This included riding into Bigtown for the paper before the weather got too intrepid again, discovering that I had left my little voucher behind on the kitchen table, then riding back empty handed into the increasingly intrepid weather. Although as the other half put it when I got back and sent him out in the car into the by now very intrepid weather instead, ‘you got a bike ride out of it, so that’s hardly wasted’. How very true, although you notice he didn’t volunteer to cycle down himself, for some reason.

*it says something about my twitter followers that they could mostly identify not just what it was but the make and model from a poorly lit cameraphone picture.


One Response to Nontrepid

  1. “…the wrong kind of trees on the line.”

    I can’t seem to stop chuckling at this 🙂

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