SON et Lumiere

Yesterday evening – having rashly missed a community council meeting last year and finding myself co-opted onto the village hall renewal sub-committee as a consequence – I finally got the chance to try out my new SON dynamo hub for real, as it was pitch dark out. I’ve been riding around on the new hub since I* swapped out the wheel with my ice tyres last week and it’s felt entirely effortless (top tip for cyclists: if you’re worried a hub dynamo might mean a lot of extra effort, then switch to it from a set of Marathon Winter ice tyres – no matter how inefficient the hub is, you will still feel like you’re flying). I’ve even run the light, as when battling back on a rainy afternoon, I felt I needed all the presence on the road that I could get, but I’ve not had to rely upon it for actual light.

And it was fine. It worked. It lit up the road (but then I already knew my Philips Saferide light was good). Unlike the bottle dynamo, it stayed lit up under all provocation including going through puddles and hitting a pothole hard (not the light’s fault, I wasn’t paying attention). It was beautifully quiet and smooth. I would like to add more here (especially as I just googled it – it was a Christmas present from the other half – and discovered it cost How Much!?), the sort of technical detail that proper bike bloggers who get sent kit to review might add, but there’s very little more to say. I’m hoping I’ll get many more years of trouble-free fuss free light out of it. In fact, I might need to recoup some of the investment by rigging up my bike as a generator for an hour or two …

I did toy with the idea of illustrating this with a photograph of it lighting up the road but as it’s a dynamo you have to do that while you’re in motion and I decided against a handheld cameraphone shot in the dark. So have a little bird’s nest I found instead, when I was clearing out the flowerbeds at the back. I told you my gardening was very wildlife friendly…

bird's nest

* And by ‘I’ of course I mean ‘the other half’


6 Responses to SON et Lumiere

  1. Bob says:

    Sometimes (no wait, MOST times) it’s best not to have any idea just how much was spent on a particular Christmas present. I’ve only been clued in when going back to exchange trousers thinking, “Gawd, she paid way too much for those jeans!” But I never say anything. Ever.

  2. John says:

    I told you they were very good!

  3. Darkerside says:

    Did you take the chance to hold the dynamo in your hands before it was built into a wheel?

    Heavy, smooth, shiny; all metal, magnets and wires.

    They should have sent a poet.

  4. disgruntled says:

    @Bob – I normally wouldn’t look, but of course Google just tells you these things whether you want to know or not
    @John – indeed!
    @Darkerside – it was all built into the wheel when it arrived. It is very shiny though…

  5. […] evening meetings in a row have given me the opportunity to use the SON hub dynamo on an extended ride without a blizzard for distraction, in both dusk and proper darkness, and both […]

  6. […] think a year or so back that my bike had reached peak Fred? Since then I have not only added a hub dynamo (and a cow-patterned pannier bag) but the other half also got me a dynamo-driven rear light which […]

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