I Don’t Care What the Weather App Says…

… because seriously, what’s the point? I know the Met Office haven’t taken delivery of their shiny new supercomputer yet (or if they have, they should try switching it off and switching it on again because it’s not working), but they could at least invest in a new piece of seaweed because their forecasts have reached the point when they’re not even right for the next hour, let alone for the next few days. This morning my Met Office app was still confidently predicting a mostly cloudy day for our postcode while the weather outside changed from a hard frost, to light snow, to heavy snow, to glorious sunshine, to hail (always nice to have a spot of free ice dermabrasion when you’re cycling back from town), to rain. I think there might have been an hour or two when merely ‘cloudy’ would have covered it – although obviously heavy snow does come out of clouds, so technically that might count as cloudy, in which case the Met office could safe itself a lot of time and effort and just predict ‘cloudy’ from here on in, and be right about 70% of the time.

Fortunately the yellow/amber weather warnings are more accurate – as you would hope – and such has been the winter so far, we’ve barely gone a day in 2015 without at least one weather warning so I’ve managed to get a much more comprehensive weather forecast by just scanning through them instead (as silver linings go, that’s possibly quite a stretch…)

It wouldn’t matter that much except that I have two weather-related priorities that would benefit from having a bit of advance warning: one, getting the ice tyres on or off my bike (a task made the more painful now that it means waving a temporary farewell to my shiny new SON dynamo hub), and two, planning the laundry schedule so that I never have to use the dryer, which I consider to be a personal defeat. There’s not much I can do about the former, except perhaps getting a third bike and fitting it out as a winter bike (get thee behind me), but I’ve worked out the trick for the latter, which is to put the washing on just as the weather is looking most apocalyptic because it will likely have turned to sunshine by the time our eco-friendly washing machine has finished gently mumbling its way through its cycle – at least, that seems to be what worked today – and then, when the rain marches in again, it all ends up being ‘ironed’ on the Rayburn anyway.


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