Every Silver Lining

Today was supposed to be another mainly pottering sort of day – a little light stick poking when the scheduled rain had stopped seeing as how the drains were flooding again, some work, some emails, preparing the dough for some scientifically proven chocolate-chip cookies, possibly a wander down to the post box if I was feeling adventurous. And then I noticed that the other half – who was away feeding the ducks – had forgotten to take the newspaper voucher with him. This little green book of vouchers, while technically saving us money, seems to have turned into a major logistical hazard because it only saves you money if you remember to bring the little vouchers with you,* but driving all the way back to pick up the forgotten voucher obviously negates all that. So, with the rain stopped and the sun emerging – *sigh* – I was forced to ride into Bigtown for the paper after all.

I know what you’re thinking: that’s a plus, right? The sun is out, you’re on your bike, why not burn off those chocolate-chip cookie calories in advance, it’s win win. And yes, so it is, at least on the way to Bigtown, adjusted for the fact that my bike – despite all the lovely things I’ve said in public about future bike maintenance strategies and stakeholder bike maintenance forums – is still negatively holding out for some actual bike maintenance and refusing to go into any gear other than ‘too low for riding along on the flat’ and ‘too high for going up a pigging hill’, and the latter only accompanied by the usual symphony of squeaking

On the way back from Bigtown, however, there was an icy headwind. Again. And I may have cast a few imprecations in the other half’s direction as I battered into it for what seemed like an hour. Funny how you never notice the tailwind anything like as much, isn’t it?

Oh and I still haven’t oiled that bike chain yet. But I will…

*Papershop village usually let us bring it along next time, but Tesco for some reason seem less keen on that arrangement


4 Responses to Every Silver Lining

  1. I do love your blog. I just wanted to say.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Oh, well thank you very much …

  3. john gibson says:

    I knew that the local shop would let you bring the voucher in the next day, it seems that sort of place.

  4. disgruntled says:

    yes, they’re good that way

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