plants outside greenhouse

Note the blurred effect from them blowing in the wind … sorry plants!

‘You haven’t left your poor plants out in this?’ asked the other half as I dragged myself away from the fire to go and put my random perennials back into the greenhouse before nightfall. I am in the process of hardening them off which means lugging them all out of the greenhouse in the morning and letting them get used to life in Scotland rather than the Mediterranean climate of the greenhouse. Today was supposed to be reasonably mild and damp, which seemed like a perfect introduction to their new life, but what the forecast had forgot to mention was that it would also be blowing a hooly. I suppose getting used to the wind is probably good for them too…

They’re now safely back under glass again, alongside my haul from potato day, which I’ve decided to chit up in the greenhouse.

potatoes chitting

I should probably have noted what they all are (it is written on the bags at least, so I should be able to work it out). From memory, definitely Highland Burgundy, because you’ve got to have a potato that stays that purple even when it’s cooked, and Golden Wonder, which made nice big bakers last year, and Pink Fir Apple because it’s the one everyone says you should get. I was too late for some of my other choices (Charlotte and, tragically, Shetland Black) so the rest are the usual random mix of potatoes with interesting names and ones that sounded like they might fit my requirements. Given that they all end up being mixed up in the potato bin after harvest, I still haven’t formed any really strong preferences about varieties. To be absolutely honest, they still mostly taste like potatoes, however wonderful and home grown they might be…

I am experimenting with growing some super early potatoes in the greenhouse, however. And I finally got an explanation for the exploding potato problem on Gardener’s Question Time the other week: I’m harvesting them too late, according to Bob Flowerdew, allowing the starch to develop. So I’ll be digging them up earlier this year to see if that helps.


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