Bad Brompton Owner

It was a glorious day today, the first real springlike day, which meant two things: I got an urgent job to finish, and my bikes had decided to present a united front on the whole maintenance thing, meaning neither of them was strictly ridable.

I actually feel quite bad about the Brompton. I haven’t ridden it very much since Christmas, which is never good for bikes, and over Christmas I had taken it around the forest paths in Duns which were extremely muddy. Obviously, as I love the Brompton, I should have immediately washed it and oiled it before putting it away, but we were at my parents’ and then when we came home life happened, and cleaning and lubricating it sort of slipped off my list of things to do.

The end result was that I had to abandon my plans to cycle down to yoga and spend the time restoring some degree of flexibility to the Brompton chain instead. Half a pack of wet wipes, industrial quantities of Plus Gas and a bottle of chain lube later, the Brompton was once more ridable and I am duly chastened and have promised it I will never neglect it so badly again.

So what with the bike maintenance and the work, I wasn’t expecting to add to my errandonneering total today. But then – just as I was settling down with a cup of coffee in the first actual sit-outable sunshine of the year, I realised we needed to buy milk and a couple of other urgent necessities, so I got out after all…

Brompton shopping basket

Milk, wine, Lemsip. Breakfast of champions

Category: store, distance 12 miles, observation: if you must off-road on your Brompton, make sure you clean it afterwards


6 Responses to Bad Brompton Owner

  1. zungg says:

    Have you noticed the ever-increasing number of wines with bikes on the label? They know their market.

  2. disgruntled says:

    I didn’t buy it because of that, honest. Well, maybe a little …

  3. haselnut says:

    I guess that makes me a Brompton abuser. I use mine every weekday, about half in London and half at the home end of my rail commute, where the road conditions are abysmal – we live in a greensand area, which seems to comprise a mix of sand with clay, which gets washed into the road every time we have heavy rain, and it forms a nice grinding paste. If I don’t clean my chain at least weekly, I am asking for a replacement of the chain, sockets and chainwheel every few months. Even with a weekly scrub with Fenwicks, I reckon a year for a chain is good going.

    My Park Tools workshop stand was one of my best purchases.

  4. Andy in Germany says:

    Just a thought, but I’ve worn out three or possibly four chains and rear cassettes on my Xtracycle, and I’m still using the original chainwheel at the front, which makes it about seventeen years old now.
    The current chain and cassette are so worn that the measuting tool nearly falls off when I chack it, and I’m still putting off replacement…

  5. disgruntled says:

    Andy – The new chain really didn’t want to play with the front chainring. It’s done me almost 6 years (and more than 15,000 miles) so I think a replacement is probably due

    Haselnut – the worst abuse you can do to bikes is not ride them…

  6. […] dealers (by walking; the one-way system around Haymarket is INSANE) where I was lectured about proper chain maintenance and then on to a pub with hot and cold running puppies, well, puppy, but a seriously cute one. The […]

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