Winter, Actually You May be the Boss of Me…

I will be honest with you: I was not looking forward to getting out on the bike today. The forecast was for it to piss down with rain and the forecast had duly delivered. I had a number of things I needed to do in town, including return my library books – overdue library books wait for no man, woman, or fair weather cyclist – but the truth is, any other week of the year I would probably have wimped out and found a way around the problem that didn’t involve pedalling 45 minutes into the unrelenting rain (and a headwind), a damp and dripping visit to various establishments in Bigtown, and then 45 minutes pedalling back. But not this week, because this week is errandonneering week, and I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to knock off three more errands in one day, especially given how far I am behind.

At this point, bike blog narrative conventions dictate that I should discover that in fact, cycling in the rain was not so bad after all, and that I was glad the challenge had got me out on the bike. Because yay, bikes!

In reality, it was every bit as wet and miserable as I had expected it to be. Looking on the bright side – and I’m conscious I’m scraping the barrel here – I did take the opportunity to discover that my new tweed cap is just as waterproof as my old one, and considerably more waterproof than any fancy new technology that has been developed in the meantime. I was also encouraged to discover that when your boots are filling up with water, it does at least take your mind off the fact that you can only use your biggest gears. And I have finally learned that when you get home from a wet ride, then life will be much more pleasant for you the next time you go out if you remember to take your soggy gloves out of your pocket and hang them up to dry along with basically all your other clothes.

wet kit

What I didn’t remember was to take any pictures until after I had set off for home again, so these will have to do.

bridge in the rain

Errand 5: sorting out a birthday card and present for a friend. Category: social call (well, remotely, anyway). Observation: there’s always one wag in Bigtown who will say ‘lovely day for it’ as they pass a drenched cyclist.



rainy road home

Errand 6: returning library books. Category: arts and entertainment. Observation: There is also always one cheerful soul in Bigtown who will say encouragingly ‘and they say it’s to stay set in like this all day’ as you set off again on your bike


coffee and doughnut

Errand 7: visiting the bank. Category: Personal business. Observation: there is no coffee and doughnut quite so well-earned as the coffee and doughnut you have after you have finally got home and into warm dry clothes after being thoroughly drenched on the bike.



Total 16 miles.

2 Responses to Winter, Actually You May be the Boss of Me…

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    You don’t get the cheery comments about the weather here, althpough that may be because everyone is in a car.

    Fortunately I’ve managed to find an Akubra hat that fits and keeps the rain well away, which makes damp cycling more bearable. Will have to look at tweed though…

  2. disgruntled says:

    Oh the cheery comments are compulsory …

    Can you keep an Akubra on your head? I’ve got one that fits pretty well, but with the wide brim it’s almost impossible to cycle in except on very calm days. Tweed caps are definitely the way to go

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