Apologies to those readers who do not check the blog every day thinking ‘gosh, I really hope there will be more photos of a bike parked outside various random locations’ (and there must be a few of you), but I’ve got my teeth into the errandonnee challenge now, and I’m going to complete it if it kills me.

After yesterday’s drenching, I was wondering today whether it was going to be possible: the time to complete it is drawing short (hurrah, I hear you cry) and the right sort of errands were proving a little thin on the ground. Today I had to cycle up to help prepare for Bigtown’s annual Environment Fair, so that was one, but with the deadline looming I still needed another four further errands. Fortunately, I remembered that the treasurer of our local bike campaign worked nearby, so I was able to nip round to his office to hand-deliver him a cheque (he’s probably still wondering what was so urgent about it), followed by a swing by another local bike shop to deliver some Pedal on Parliament flyers, bringing the day’s total to three… It might just be doable after all.

Now all that I needed to do was decide what category to put them all in:

large pannier bag

Errand 8: To the Environment Fair. Category ‘you carried WHAT on a bike?’ (I appreciate this doesn’t look very impressive, but hey, I’m desperate here. And besides, that cow pannier is (to quote an ancient car advert which is now irrevocably stuck in my head) ‘inordinately capacious’. As well as the newspaper it contains my laptop, masses of POP flyers and posters, several dozen cycling maps of Bigtown, Bigtown Cycling Campaign bunting, assorted useful cycling leaflets, cycling campaign paperwork, two planning applications someone thought I might be interested in, random stationery that might come in handy, a pair of scissors, spare inner tube, two bike pumps, and the random crap that lives in my pannier full time). Observation: with that much weight in the pannier, I need a double-leg kickstand. Fortunately not a lesson I learned the hard way, given my laptop was in the bag.

bike and car parked

Errand 9: Delivering a cheque. Category: non-store errand. Observation: I didn’t notice until I looked at the picture that everyone was parked on the double yellow lines! Clearly it’s not just bikes that get to park wherever they please…

bike outside the bike shop

Errand 10: Distributing POP flyers. Category: Hmm. Going to have to play my wild card. Although I ended up chatting so long to the owner, it may just qualify as a social call.

Total distance: 18 miles.

I promise it will be back to gardening soon…


3 Responses to Challenged

  1. This is a great idea! I missed the Feb dates but am going to organize a replay locally since it sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Christine jones says:

    There really isn’t much better in my world than a day of errands and social visits by bike. A chance to delight on well chosen useful accessories, and the convienience experienced in ways car drivers can only dream of while they search for somewhere to leave their unwealdy hunks on wheels.
    It’s lovely to read something that expresses my own experience of cycling so closely.

  3. disgruntled says:

    Thanks both – have fun …

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