Routine Ford Update

Because we haven’t had one of those for a while, and I know you like them.

Ford in March - almost dry

Ford status: almost dry


Frogspawn update: the annual race between the maturing frogs and the drying up of the ditch has now begun. Ordinarily in south west Scotland this would not be an issue, but given the shallowness of the ditch that Mrs Frog has chosen for her offspring this year, I’m afraid it’s the ditch’s race to lose this year. I will keep you posted, unless it all gets too desperate in which case I’ll probably draw a veil.

lambs and sheep

Bonus ickle lambs: normally given my phone camera capabilities, lambs are usually rendered as white dots on this blog, but apparently I looked enough like a farmer (it must be the tweed cap) to these sheep that they all came running over hoping for tasty sheep treats. Their disappointment is your gain.

one in five hill

We then climbed a 1-in-5 hill to reach the top of the ford road and back into a suddenly icy headwind. Inexplicably, Sustrans haven’t included this in their national cycling network yet, although I imagine it’s only a matter of time.

2 Responses to Routine Ford Update

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    I haven’t yet come across a ford in Germany. I wonder why this is? Another example of the federal system meaning that local governments have the financial resources to make bridges? or maybe just the motor lobby making sure their supporters don’t get their precious Mercedes/Porsche/BMW’s wet.
    Looking a the road surface, I doubt a Porsche could get over there.

  2. disgruntled says:

    I’m told the reason why the ford is still there is because it’s a salmon river and they’d need to do an extensive environmental impact assessment to build a bridge which isn’t worth it given about 5 people use the road. In Scotland, fishing trumps cars!

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