Project Update

‘So, how’s Project Random Perennial coming along?’ I hear you all cry*

Well, funny you should ask that:

random perennials

After a storming Phase One (not killing everything off over the winter) we have moved onto Phase Two – planting out. Or at least planting some of them out, because Phase One has gone so unexpectedly well, I have ten more of these little trays queued up in the greenhouse and hardening off.

The other half was a little disappointed that I haven’t taken the project to its logical conclusion and planted everything in a random order as well; I suppose I might as well have done because I still have very little idea what everything its, although some I can make a good guess.

plants in situ

I do realise that the chances are they will turn out to consist largely of plants I already have in the garden, plants that vanish without trace or suffer a lingering death, and plants that are effectively invasive weeds and all of them flowering, if they ever do flower, in madly clashing colours. But there’s always the slim chance that one or two of them will turn out to be something interesting I wouldn’t have thought of and after all the seeds were free and they’re replacing a bit of the flowerbed that was basically all creeping buttercup, so anything at all would be a bonus.

Of course, I hadn’t thought of the fourth possibility: that the minute my back was turned, the landlord’s hens would make a beeline for the newly planted bed, having been nowhere to be seen all winter. Freshly turned earth is almost as attractive to hens as it is to cats and they are even more destructive of young plants. Fortunately this marauder was seen off before she’d had a chance to dig everything up but clearly I’ll have to be vigilant.

marauding hen

And yes, as the picture shows, I’ve still got a long way to go on that flowerbed.

* OK, not really

4 Responses to Project Update

  1. The hens seem to be very needy of fresh shoots at the moment, ours have got acres to roam but yesterday they ate all my pansies … Grrrrr

  2. disgruntled says:

    Hens lurking again today but so far no damage …

  3. Max Hadley says:

    Perhaps it’s a vitamins thing. Do hens get scurvy?

  4. disgruntled says:

    I’ve always assumed they’re after the grubs and things in the soil

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