Air Rage

Continuing on the theme of imaginary footage I could have taken had I only had a helmet camera (and indeed a helmet): I witnessed a spectacular display of close passing and aggression on my way back with the paper this morning. A raven, bored of being mobbed by a couple of crows, decided to show those upstarts who was the real boss of the air with a series of spectacular spiralling dives combined with what I am certain was some corvid swearing. We regularly see ravens displaying around here – they seem to like flying upside down just because they can, and you can see their point – but it really never gets old. It’s lucky our roads are so empty though, as I was definitely not paying attention as I cycled along craning my neck to watch what was going on with the birds.

And if those of you who were wondering if ASBO buzzard was back – no sign so far, but according to a couple of posts on Facebook, there’s one a few miles further west that’s already started terrorising cyclists and taking lumps out of their helmets. I’ll be sticking to my tweed cap, but I’m seriously considering rigging up some sort of backwards facing cap cam to try and catch the buzzard in full swoop. That’s got to be more entertaining than a close pass by a white van at a pinch point, right?


4 Responses to Air Rage

  1. Charles Lock says:

    Comment are slow over Easter. Having been brought up to know that buzzards only inhabbit the remoter eaches of the UK it is amazing to see them over the A1 just outside the M25. It was even more fun to see the buzzards being mobbed by crows. Our buzzards in the south seem to be cosmopolitan, cappucino drinking birds that do not do anything as vulgar as attack cyclists. With the road kill restaurent service they live high on the hog, some have been seen at weight watchers…

  2. disgruntled says:

    Comments are just slow generally these days

  3. Andy in Germany says:

    German buzzards are likewise much better behaved, I’d credit that to Strict Liability but I think that may be pushing it a bit.

    I’D like to see videos of Vengeful Raven though: that would be a sight to see (and a darn fine name for a metal band too…)

  4. […] of which, I did wonder whether ASBO buzzard wouldn’t take the opportunity to put in one last appearance but it has been conspicuous by […]

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