Hello Stranger

Operation stupidbusy continues unabated, not helped by my inability to say no to stuff, but I did ‘have’ to ride down to Papershop Village for the paper this morning.* And as I got back on my bike I heard a familiar, scolding chattering and looked up to see a swallow perched on the wire above, back from Africa. Although there were none in our front yard when I returned, the other half soon called me out to greet the first of our returned swallows. Welcome back, guys, there’s midgies here already, and it was only snowing last week…

We may have to recreate our anti-cat defences on the window of the swallow shed, though. The new neighbour has a cat, apparently, and as soon as she manages to catch it, she will be bringing it here. It doesn’t sound as if it’s much of an indoor moggy…

* There’s lots of reasons for doing things by bike, like burning off cake, saving the planet etc. And sometimes, simply the excuse to get outside of a sunny spring morning before chaining yourself to a laptop for the rest of what is promising to be a gorgeous day.

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