Well I’m home again, and feeling strangely exhausted – I think that Pedal on Parliament has finally started to catch up with me. There’s exciting tarmac fairy news (and a ford update) but that will have to wait until tomorrow, if you can contain yourselves, but I couldn’t resist one more little vignette from the conference yesterday, as we discussed the vital importance of cycling conditions that allowed you to chat with your mates as you rode along:

Token man: (as has been noted at other women’s cycling events, there were more men at yesterday’s conference, proportionally, than women at a ‘normal’ cycling conference) ‘and of course teenage girls do love to chat.’ Pause. ‘Am I allowed to say that?’

Woman sitting next to him, to me: ‘Am I allowed to stab him?’

Me: ‘Perhaps better to say that teenage girls, culturally, are conditioned to be more sociable.’

Other woman: ‘and teenage boys do love to chat too.’

It was so nice not to have to be the stroppy one, for once.

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