Exciting Pothole News

I know, I know, the suspense has been killing you – I promised you news of the tarmac fairy and have been burbling on about chilli seedlings instead.* But I have news. The tarmac fairy returned last Monday and – as I discovered as I cycled home from the train station on Friday – has been joined by her bigger and uglier cousin, the chipping gnome.

patched potholes

Or rather the automated tar-and-chipping-pothole-patch-covering-machine – which was almost, but not quite, as good as the Jet Patcher, which still represents a pinnacle of the road mending art around here (and although I was sceptical at the time, its pothole mending stood up fairly well to the test of time). The other half got to watch it do its job – going around after the tarmac fairy had been, covering her traces with a spray of hot tar followed by a spray of chippings and then, rather disappointingly, having to reverse back and forward over the resulting patch to tamp it down with the wheels (you’d think it at least would have had a roller).

Given that it’s been barely six months since we last had a visit from the tarmac fairy, I hope this does a better job. In fact, the road has been patched so many times outside our house, you’d think they’d just break down and re-lay it but I suppose there’s no point doing that while there are quarry lorries bombing down our road. And as long as there’s road mending to do, there will always be quarry lorries, so we’re stuck with the potholes and the patching. I don’t think that’s quite what they mean by the circular economy.

And speaking of rare creatures spotted out of the kitchen window, the other half called me into the kitchen yesterday evening to see this

garden pests

On the whole, I think it’s an improvement on the actual flowers it was eating, but then again I’ve never really got the hang of ornamental gardening

* The little chilli that could is still hanging in there, if you’re interested, but looking somewhat less than perky


6 Responses to Exciting Pothole News

  1. Charles Lock says:

    good lord i feel like a stalker, my obsession with comments is getting the better of me. It strikes me that you must have been on the council website because you know the names of their infernal instruments. besides which if you live in a properly remote rural home there is always a redundant and rusty lawn roller that you could use to help. Heavy rollers were not left scattered across the UK for no reason.

  2. disgruntled says:

    I’m glad somebody’s commenting, anyway …

    We don’t have one of those rollers although I bet there’s one in the grounds somewhere, now I come to think of it

  3. Andy in Germany says:

    That’s a nice system for the quarry company.

    After admiring the deer I must admit my first thought was that with single glazed windows it is no surprise you are cold in winter. Brr…

  4. disgruntled says:

    Andy – tell me about it, we’ve been asking for double glazing for years but the landlords don’t want to shell out the money. The joys of a private tenancy in the UK

  5. Andy in Germany says:

    That is annoying. Here the landlord has to present prospective tenants with a standardised chart showing how well the house is insulated, and the rent is calculated to take the heating bills into account somewhat, so landlords hae an interest in insulating the buildings…

  6. disgruntled says:

    These days, you do get an energy efficiency rating when you rent or buy a house, but there’s no real connection to the rent levels, sadly.

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