Lest we Forget

The problem with getting involved in something that leaves you stupidbusy for weeks, is that – when it’s finally over, and the thing you rashly got involved with a few days later is also over, and you’ve had the weekend when you didn’t manage to do anything except look dazed and delete an accumulation of emails, some of which you discover you subsequently still need* – then you discover that not only do you now have an accumulated month’s worth of stuff to do and about two weeks to do it in, but that your brain has quietly fried itself under the strain and is no longer capable of retaining all the things it needs to do.

Which is presumably why I have in recent days managed to schedule something on a Monday morning forgetting that every Monday morning is spent crouched over a keyboard frantically summarising 700 bike blog posts into one not-exactly coherent narrative, forgotten to do something I’d promised someone I’d do about a week ago, forgotten to pick up cocoa on my way back from Bigtown this afternoon, which is a problem when you’ve invited several hungry cyclists to join you for a 46-mile anniversaire jaunt at the weekend and you need to feed them brownies, and – just now – forgotten I’d left the washing out on the line with an overnight frost forecast (and while I’m at it, what’s with all the frost in MAY, Weather Gods?)

At least I did not forget to vote, although I did forget to post this in time to remind anyone else to vote, so there’s no point in linking to this.

Meanwhile, if I’ve promised to do something and not got back to you about it, now might be a good time to send a little reminder …

* Fortunately every email anyone sends these days includes the text of all preceding emails in it so all you have to do is wait for someone to send you a reply (and can also be quite illuminating when they get forwarded on to us trailing unintentionally revealing content…)

4 Responses to Lest we Forget

  1. Viviane says:

    Re: Frost in May, here in France we have what is called “les Saints de Glace” (Ice Saints) on the 11th to 13 of May. These are reputed to be the last days of the spring when there can be frost, and from then on you can put anything you want in the ground… Isn’t there something equivalent in Scotland ? Maybe end of June 😉 ?

  2. disgruntled says:

    The nearest equivalent here is probably the injunction to ‘cast ne’er a clout til May be out’ but whether that’s the month or the flower (hawthorn) isn’t made clear.

  3. neil says:

    Most deleted email goes to trash or similar and is only permanently deleted later. Or have you purged yours completely?

  4. disgruntled says:

    They always seem to have gone by the time I realise and want to get them back!

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