A Few More Miles on the Clock

view looking west

As is now traditional (three years in a row is a tradition, right?), I celebrated 46 years on this planet yesterday by dragging along a few game souls for a 46-mile ride.

climbing to the top of a hill

We took it at an easy pace, with plenty of stops to admire the view at the top of the hills

Two beech trees

Ponder why it might be that one beech tree was almost in full leaf and one was still barely in bud

slow worm

Help slow worms across the road (something of a hobby of mine)

blethering at the waterfall

And, of course, have a blether

final GPS reading

In the end I overshot somewhat, but I wasn’t complaining.

blue skies

With thanks to the Weather Gods who decided to wait until today before unleashing rain and gales upon us.


4 Responses to A Few More Miles on the Clock

  1. Flighty says:

    Happy, belated, birthday. You had a grand day out by the look of it. I have to say that it seems slightly perverse that the older you get the more miles you cycle! xx

  2. disgruntled says:

    Think of it as working my way up to it!

  3. westfieldwanderer says:

    Plenty of scope yet. I have a friend who has been celebrating his birthday in the same style for many years. He’s the up side of 80 now and still at it.

  4. 2bikesborg says:

    Buon Compleanno! (if a bit late!) Sounds a great tradition, though wait till you get to 71.

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