Ground Force

Time will tell whether I look back at this spring as the year of ‘just in time’ gardening – or just ‘just too late’ gardening. Either way, today was the day when I basically had to plant out everything in one go, or come back from holiday to some sadly overcrowded, if not actually dead, veg seedlings.

plot before

Fortunately, the other half had nobly spent the last two days clearing and preparing the last of the vegetable beds, in return for Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers,* so all I had to do was dash around with my trays of seedlings, getting them in the ground as quickly as I could, ideally root-side down, although by the end I wasn’t being all that particular about it.

plot after planting

One back-breaking afternoon later and my spring onions, dwarf beans, climbing beans, three kinds of kale (I know, but it is very handy to have over the winter and it likes the climate so it basically grows like a weed), purple sprouting broccoli, beetroot and second row of broad beans were in. The neighbour has been briefed to water the greenhouse and sent away with the last lettuce and two of the random perennials, and there may still be time to plant out some pumpkins, basil and the last of the chillies before we go tomorrow.

kale red winter

Kale. It’s tough, right?

Whether any of it will survive is anyone’s guess.

* Much superior to the teacakes, especially since they brought out dark chocolate and (rumour has it) coconut versions.

One Response to Ground Force

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    Every man has his price…

    I alsways have the ‘will it survive’ question in my head when I plant stuff…

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