Hello Trees, Hello Bir… Aaargh!

You’d think I’d be alert to the danger, but I’d managed to completely forget about ASBO buzzard until whooosh! it reminded me of its presence again with two very determined passes close enough to my head that I could hear the rushing of its wings. I do wish it wasn’t so silent about it: it makes me feel that it’s definitely treating me as prey rather than some sort of a threat to its nest. Still, it’s a sign of how little traffic I have to deal with that I can do practically the whole route down to the papershop without being conscious of what’s going on at all, and certainly not of any airborne danger.

For some reason ASBO buzzard never attacks when I’m riding home, although by then I did have my wits about me enough that I spotted a stoat dashing for the verge from a squashed rabbit it had been investigating. That’s always a delight, especially as it popped its head up from the undergrowth and gave me such a look as I passed that it made me laugh out loud all the way up the hill. Perhaps its fortunate there’s nobody but the wildlife to witness me out there on my bike. Although I’d love to get some sort of proof that the buzzard really does attack me because I’m sure people think I’m exaggerating just how scary it can be…

And how was your commute?

7 Responses to Hello Trees, Hello Bir… Aaargh!

  1. zungg says:

    Thundery! I got drenched in the first 10 minutes, then the sun came out and everything became preternaturally bright. Two nice filth-lines around the ankles when I got home and peeled off my socks.

    No buzzards. Almost ran over a small snake the other day though. The snakes this year are few and small, I think due to the general moistness.

  2. disgruntled says:

    UHDD – ooh I like 30 days of wild, shame I missed the start
    @zungg – somehow snakes seem a bit more avoidable than buzzards, although having said that someone was talking about being bit by a rattlesnake while mountain biking

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  5. […] been pretty fleeting – something dashing across the road in front of my bike, or occasionally stopping to peer at me from the undergrowth. I’d certainly never seen one doing backflips before, let alone right in front of my study […]

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