Dumb Move

As I mentioned before, my phone is on the blink. Or rather, my phone works perfectly, but can no longer be charged because its USB port is broken and fixing this requires soldering which is apparently a dark art too far for the one phone-fixing place in Bigtown. I did try and persuade the other half, who has the same model phone as me, that we could swap batteries around, effectively using his phone as an external charging device for mine, but for some reason he wasn’t too keen on this solution. I eked out my phone’s charge as long as I could but it finally started to give out the ‘out of battery distress call’ and then transformed itself into a sleek but essentially useless lump of plastic.

So now I’m a bit bereft. I have a backup phone – you know, the kind that makes phone calls and with a bit of swearing will send a text, if you can still remember how to tap out texts with just nine buttons and honestly how did we ever manage that? – so people can still reach me although, to be honest, phone calls and texts aren’t really the way I tend to communicate these days. If I want to properly communicate – emails and twitter, basically – I have to open up my laptop. Which is fine, and I’m on my computer a lot, but it’s a revelation just how dependent on my phone I’ve become for things like quickly checking my email first thing in the morning, or tweeting my way through cooking supper because there’s nothing good on the radio. Or taking photographs, given my ability to destroy every proper camera I’ve ever owned. Sitting down and turning on the computer takes time, and by the time I’ve checked my emails I’ve generally got sucked into something else and it’s an hour later and that really wasn’t the plan.

I’m still hoping the phone can be fixed, or some magic solution will be found (there are apparently actual external battery chargers, but finding one that will work with my model of phone might be interesting). Meanwhile, I’m treating this enforced period of non-smart-phoneness as somewhere between a penance and an exercise in self-denial. It might even be good for me. Maybe I’ll go back to being able to go, ooh, a couple of hours without checking my email. Or being able to read a newspaper article all the way through to the end without just quickly checking to see if anyone’s responded to me on twitter. Or finally learning how to use a real camera instead of the one in my phone.

Or I might just break down and get myself a tablet instead…

7 Responses to Dumb Move

  1. Samsung Galaxy? Mr Uhdd, has many a trick up his sleeve, Some involve cannibalism…

  2. Autolycus says:

    It is intensely irritating that external chargers are so rare, by comparison with cameras, but then, they’ve designed the things so that you shouldn’t open them up too often, and anyway good consumers should be upgrading every five minutes, shouldn’t they?

  3. disgruntled says:

    UHDD – I can imagine Mr Uhdd is a dab hand with the soldering
    Autolycus – I do try and limit the amount of *stuff* I buy but technology just seems to defeat me

  4. Martin says:

    When this happened to my smartphone, I was able to buy a wireless charging plate and charge my phone just by putting it in contact with this. So I have no working USB, but still a working phone. Perhaps investigate whether your phone is compatible with any wireless chargers?

  5. charles says:

    I can no longer read my e-mail on the phone unless I wear glasses, and I do not carry glasses with me as I only need them to read e-mails from my phone…Dont moan, ditch the phone. I remember travelling around the far east on wo week business trips with no mobiles, we did have faxes and we would pick up all our messages at the end of the day, and then deal with them over a drink or two. Happy days!

  6. disgruntled says:

    @Martin – I’ve had a quick look, there are some wireless adaptors but I think not for the model I’ve got unfortunately
    @Charles – but I LIKE chatting to people on Twitter (and I do need to be contactable by email)

  7. […] spent an hour or two fruitlessly looking for external battery chargers, tweeted again about my broken phone and got the following immediate […]

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