I Take it All Back

So yesterday, I had a little whinge on Twitter…

It’s been building for a while. I really loved twitter when I first started using it, because as someone who lives in the middle of nowhere and works from home, it was a chance to chat with like minded people (and the occasional non-like-minded person) and it was all generally fun and friendly and if you ever asked for advice the answer was normally along the lines of ‘a large gin’ or ‘sounds like you need more chocolate’* and not ‘have you tried eating more kale?’ or ‘six glasses of water every day’. But, whether because we’re all getting grumpier, or because I follow more people, it’s all started to get a bit fractious recently. It’s not just the guy who faithfully retweets every cyclist-hating tweet he sees, although it’s not exactly a jolly way to start the day to read a bunch of strangers threatening to run bikes off the road – what really gets me down is seeing the people who mainly agree with each other falling out over some slight deviation from the Accepted Doctrine of What Will Bring About Mass Cycling (or What Would the Dutch Do?) as first laid down by Saint Freewheeler of Waltham Forest and codified and elaborated by St David of Assen. Not, I hasten to add, that I disagree with either of those fathers of the Church of Safe Separated Infrastructure. It’s just that jumping on some poor innocent’s head who’s all fired up about cycling and wants to make a difference simply because they may have mentioned wearing a helmet, or suggesting cycle training, or other heresies** isn’t exactly going to encourage them to stick with this whole cycle campaigning lark, and not go away and take up something less controversial like kitten torturing instead.***

Naturally, having added my own grumpy tweet to the general whingefest, and got a host of lovely and funny replies, I immediately cheered up and more or less forgot about it. I then, having spent an hour or two fruitlessly looking for external battery chargers, tweeted again about my broken phone and got the following immediate response

I’ll say this about Twitter – it may not be quite as good fun as it was back in the good old days but it can still beat Google when you’re looking for a quick pointer to something specific – and is full of people who will take the time not just to answer but look up the exact link you need as well. An external battery charger has been ordered and is on its way. And if it actually works, I won’t have to take back this post as well.

Hopefully this also means I’ll have a working phone and camera at the end of June, when I will be repenting of this post, and reconfirming my commitment to the cycling cause by attending what is the Annual Synod of the Church of Safe Separated Infrastructure, the Cycling Embassy AGM. Stand by for more photos of Bromptons and interesting bollards than you can shake a stick at.

* pretty much regardless of what the question was

** Any non-cyclists reading this and scratching their heads and wondering what the problem might be – trust me, don’t ask. It’s long and complicated and at the end of the day it only matters a tiny fraction of the energy that is expended on the subject…

*** And nor, frankly, is criticising people who have spent several years organising mass bike protests on the seat of the Scottish Parliament because quite a lot of the people who turn up dare to wear hi vis jackets, because really we get enough flak from the people who actually hate cyclists to have to deal with the flak from our own side about what people who have given up their Saturday afternoon to Pedal on Parliament chose to wear.

5 Responses to I Take it All Back

  1. Flighty says:

    I much prefer Twitter to Facebook. xx

  2. bob says:

    All hail St. David of Assen I say.
    Hope your gadget arrives in short order.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @Flighty – you’re hanging out with nice cheery gardeners, I would imagine!
    @Bob – so do I. Really missing my phone

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