Hare Today

One benefit of our extremely relaxed approach to weeding the courtyard:

hare behind woodpile

Can you see the young hare? We’ve nicknamed it ‘chilled hare’ because it seems equally relaxed about our presence – that photograph was taken with my (now resurrected – hurrah!) phone camera without any zoom at all, and while the hare was keeping a close eye on me while I took it, it was also continuing eating the weeds we’d left for its delectation. Mostly we only notice it when it gets bored of eating weeds and stands up for a stretch – occasionally, if we pay it too much attention it will lope off behind the woodshed but not for long.

We haven’t had hares around since the cat arrived, but now they’re back, I think that’s all the excuse we need to leave that section of the cobbles unweeded, don’t you? We might need to do something about that wood though…


2 Responses to Hare Today

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    I once surprised a fox like that in our garden. It gave me a sort of ‘oh, you’re here?’ look before loping off to poo somewhere else…

  2. Max Hadley says:

    Yesterday I came across a mole mooching through the undergrowth at the base of my garden hedge. But my record for garden wildlife (three of the neighbour’s peacocks don’t count) was a polecat. I came downstairs one summer morning, opened the curtains and there she/he was, investigating the water butt. Vanished, of course, by the time I got my camera.

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