I was going to write a long ranty post about why I can say ‘just’ if I want to, FFS (and besides what’s wrong with being polite when you ask people do to something) but someone has already said everything I would have said about it, only better:

But in most situations, some degree of politeness is normal. Leaving it out doesn’t make you sound ‘clearer and more confident’. It makes you sound like a rude, inconsiderate jerk.

So instead of that, I give you this lovely piece of writing instead, which reminded me of my day out last week with the kids from the village school (I’d given them a similar pep talk at the top, apart from the bit about not wanting to hear any woohoos because, seriously, if you can’t shout ‘woohoo’ as you’re riding a bike down a hill, when can you?). I don’t think the hill we took them down was anything like as serious, and it was on a farm road which had no traffic on it, because I’m not completely insane, but it was still a good downhill run that left all the kids exhilarated and sparkly eyed when they got to the bottom of it.

‘That was the best thing I’ve ever done,’ said one of the girls when we regrouped at the bottom. ‘Can we go again?’

And two things struck me – first that it’s amazing how quickly kids get their breath back (most of them had had to get off and walk the ascent, with much complaining) once there’s fun involved – and second that it was possible she’d never actually properly ridden down hill on a bike before. Here’s hoping she’s managed to get out and repeat the experience without us on her own…


One Response to Woohoo

  1. Keith Snyder says:

    Thank you. 🙂

    This kid has a propensity to shout “woohoo!” instead of paying attention, and it was his first serious descent, so I figured best to get him in the right mindset.

    I actually hadn’t expected him to even make it up the climb. I thought I’d be leaving him on a lawn somewhere, and then picking him up again on my way back down. But then he climbed the whole thing, so…

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