Curly Wurly

We were strolling down to check the level of the ford the other day (about an inch, if you’re interested) and decided to check out how the wild raspberries on the verge were getting on when we discovered that – disaster! – there were none. There’s not a single cane from last year to be seen, and although this year’s canes are coming through strongly, they won’t have any fruit on them until next year. Clearly some change in the verge management process (normally the council sending round a tractor with a sort of lawnmower-onna-stick arrangement) has resulted in the mature canes being removed before they can fulfil their destiny of providing us with a delicious incentive to go for a walk. We’ve got raspberries of our own, and they’re looking pretty prolific at the moment, but it’s still a bit of a blow not to have the fantastically tasty wild raspberries to look forward to as well.

distorted cow parsley

Whoever massacred the canes may have done us a favour though. The cow parsley on the same verge has been looking distinctly odd in recent weeks (and some of the other vegetation too). Anyone know what might have caused it to grow like this? I’m hoping not some nasty chemical that might mean forgoing our blackberries, sloes and hazelnuts too…


2 Responses to Curly Wurly

  1. charles says:

    looks depressingly like weedkiller to me.

  2. […] then on the way back, a chance to stop and forage (not as nice as the massacred wild raspberries on our road, but still pretty good and with the advantage of not having been sprayed by some sort […]

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