Rabbiting On

It is a sign that something is amiss with your supposedly rabbit-proof walled garden when a) it has rabbits in it and b) the more rabbit-sized of the two dogs you have borrowed to help flush out the rabbits or at least put them off their kale suddenly appears *outside* the walled garden, looking in. We’re not sure entirely how, but I suspect a non-rabbit-proof fence is part of the equation.

At one point a rabbit appeared and made a run for cover, but not at a pace which suggests the dogs had inspired any panic. Sadly, in the five years (blimey, is it really that long?) since she last effectively cleared the walled garden of marauding rabbits, the older of the two has become less of a formidable enemy of bunny-kind and more of a sedate old lady. And the younger – the result of what is suspected to be a liaison between a staffy and basset hound – just doesn’t have the stick-toitiveness of a proper rabbit-chasing dog. Still, we may not have done much about the rabbits, but we did give two dogs a very nice half hour hurtling through the overgrown flower beds and smelling all manner of brilliant smells. And if it persuades the rabbits to move out and find somewhere that is not infested by dogs with the body of a brindled bolster and the legs of an Edwardian sideboard, then all to the good.

And the furry little bastards still aren’t eating the (now bolting) lettuce…


3 Responses to Rabbiting On

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    Strangely we have very little trouble with rabbits. This may be down to the clay soil which even rabbits would need power tools to penetrate, or it may be connected to the large dog fox I startled in our garden a while back….

  2. Ian says:

    We ‘enjoyed’ a very effective, though rather messy, solution to the rabbit issue earlier this year. One of the cats stumbled across the breeding stop (just outside the back door) and treated it as a carry-out provider. Absence of small rabbits.

  3. disgruntled says:

    @andy – are they not all squashed on the roads?
    @Ian – our landlords’ cats apparently kill several a week, but they’re making no appreciable dent in the population

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