Darling Deer

Cycling into Bigtown this lunchtime, I was startled out of my usual reverie by the sense that I was being watched by a pair of big brown eyes and spotted a young deer sitting quietly by the side of the road, half hidden by the long grass.

young deer by the road

Can you spot it?

I stopped a little further down the road so as not to startle the deer (oh, okay, I should probably get those brakes tightened), and then inched my bike backwards a little – not too far, I didn’t want the deer getting up and running off on the road – to take a slightly better photo.

young deer

I know that deer do this, and you’re best off just leaving the young one be so its mother can find it again, but I was a little worried that she’d chosen the verge as a brilliant place to leave her baby. Deer have zero roadsense at the best of times, but then again, it’s hardly the busiest of roads.*

Fortunately there was no venison or skid marks when I cycled back, so hopefully mother and child have been reunited safely and mum has found somewhere a little more sensible to leave junior next time.

Oh and would someone remind me not to go to lunch with people any more? I always seem to come back with lots of additional things to do …

* I do actually find it quite a busy road, but then again, my standards are somewhat skewed. By ‘busy’ I mean I must have encountered, ooh, at least half a dozen vehicles in the four miles into town, and some of them I didn’t even recognise.


4 Responses to Darling Deer

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    I wonder what they do here? we don’t have hedgerows alongside roads, and we have a lot of deer. I suspect the deer hide in the woods, which reduces the opportunities for such pleasant encounters, but is probably better for the species.

  2. stcleve says:

    That “baby” is at least a teenager by now.


  3. […] this to the list of things you wouldn’t see while driving, as Town Mouse spots a very hidden young deer on her ride to town. And note that her definition of a busy road is spotting half a dozen vehicles […]

  4. disgruntled says:

    @Andy – the woods would be more sensible, you’d think, but then deer aren’t really known for their sense…
    @Stcleve – perhaps it was just hanging out then

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