Blowing my own Trumpet…

Summer arrived yesterday (it’s gone again, but we enjoyed it while it lasted) and I noticed that, if you pick your angles carefully, ignore the weedy cobbles and the gravel drive, and squint a bit, that our front garden is looking a bit spiffy

front flowerbed in August

And our broad beans are rather attractive to boot

shelled broad beans

The pinky beige ones go a sort of lilac grey before your eyes as you heat them, which is disconcerting, but at least provides a visual clue that they are cooked.

A friend who visited recently texted to say that I don’t make enough of the beauty of my veg patch (I think she means its setting rather than the fine interplay of weeds, rabbit munched vegetables and towering bolted lettuces). I failed to take a shot of the whole scene before the weather closed in again – but this did catch my eye as I left the walled garden the other day, just as the sun was catching it at the perfect angle. Although I can’t really take credit for this apart from just noticing it.

wall around walled garden

No doubt all this just goeth before a fall – but then again, even ASBO buzzard seems to have gone off the boil: it just sat on a telegraph pole and looked at me as I went past this morning. And I didn’t even have my hat on…

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