Randomised Trial

I have to admit, I’ve been quite surprised and impressed by the outcome of my random perennial experiment. Not just that they’ve survived, and now flowered, but that the plants that have come up have been so, well … odd

random perennial

plant … or visitor from the planet Ogg?

If I’m honest, I was expecting to have lavished a lot of love and attention on what would turn out to be some fairly bog standard cottage garden plants that I could have picked up at the village plant sale or any local plant swap. Instead – and this may just be my ignorance – quite a few of them are completely unknown to me, and quite exotic looking.

random perennial

I was pretty confident, based on the leaves, that this was going to be a perennial cornflower, but no

I’m sure if I were a real gardener they’d be obvious, but they’re certainly not things I’ve seen growing around here, anyway. That may mean they won’t survive the winter, of course. But they’ve survived this summer, so they’ve already proved themselves a match for the Scottish weather. Oh, and given I found a rabbit hole in the depths of one rather neglected part of the bet, the Scottish wildlife too.

random perennial

also comes in pink

All in all a vast improvement on what I started with, although that’s not saying much. It’s not exactly a spectacular flower-filled display yet (even when I’d unwound all the bindweed from the taller stuff) – but then they’re still settling in and weren’t helped by my habit of cramming way too much in when I’m planting out of a sense of disbelief that anything will actually take root. By the time they’ve fought it all out between them, and the rabbits, we may just have something worth looking at. Not bad, not bad at all.

random perennial

I probably should have weeded before I took these photos…

I just need to know what they’re called now, so I can pretend to be a real gardener, the next time someone asks.

random perennial

“pink ones”

2 Responses to Randomised Trial

  1. charles says:

    The Ogg plant is the inspiration behind some of those very strange pick and mix sweets from Woolies. Now that they have gone bust the master sweet has escaped…

  2. […] I was happy to see that at least some of my random perennials have survived beneath all of the […]

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