Route 66

I have much to blog about including thrilling road maintenance news and an exciting new raingear purchase, no wait, come back, it’s really interesting … but we’re off for a long weekend with limited WiFi access so you will just have to hang on.

We’re off to that cycling paradise in the UK, Center Parcs, and no doubt I will have a lot to say about that on my return. We had hoped to go by train and cycle the last few miles but a glance at the available routes – basically down the A66 – suggested that wasn’t going to be much fun. Want to ride your bike in a lovely traffic-free environment? Put it in the car, basically.

Actually, to be strictly honest with you, by the time I’d worked out an alternative using local trains to Langwathby and only a short stretch of really scary stuff, which would only take approximately 2.5 hours longer than driving there by car like normal people, our enthusiasm for the project had waned somewhat – not helped by the weather forecast which was verging on the apocalyptic and the desire to take some actual stuff with us. So yeah, I’d blame the government but in this case I think it’s our own fault.

Take the lane, you’ll be fine…

It will only serve us right if we spend the rest of the afternoon stuck in a traffic jam on the A66, inching slowly towards our destination. Although as the other half has pointed out, if that happens I can just hop out and set off on the Brompton and leave him to enjoy the peace.


2 Responses to Route 66

  1. Charles says:

    Not quite Route 66 is it, but it does take you into the northern Lake District, which is nicer than joburg airport on Sunday. However don’t worry I am in transit waiting for my regular dose of Gaborone, which is nice, a week in the 1950s is always nice. Still only 3 more of these trips to go.

  2. disgruntled says:

    I quite envy you your visits to Botswana… would love to go back and see all the birds we missed on our only trip

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